Advice to one who has forgotten Hifz

What to do if you have forgotten some of your Hifz?

Have you forgotten some pages memorized Qur’ān due to insufficient time for revising and reviewing it?

Here are a few tips to assist you get back on track…

  1. Read the entire Qur’ān once to find out the forgotten Juz or verses. When you know which parts you have forgotten or in which you are weak, you can quickly start revising it. Start with revising only 1 Juz daily and follow this routine for at least a month. Give more time to the forgotten part to make the hifz stronger. Now add another Juz and revise 2 then 3 Juz daily and keep on adding until you reach 5 Juz a day. It initially seems a lot, but if you progress gradually, you will find it easy to revise 5 Juz a day, one after each Salah.
  2. Try listening to Qur’ān recitation when you are busy and cannot recite it yourself. For example, during cooking or doing chores, driving, and while trying to sleep. This way, you can make your Qur’ān hifz even stronger.
  3. Recite already memorized Qur’ān whenever you get a little time during day hours to make your hifz stronger. Such as revising a few pages of your memorized Juz during driving to work or after Salah.

The methods mentioned above might not work for everyone, but they are tried and tested by many. We hope and pray that it will help you with your Qur’ān hifz. May Allāh make it easy.

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