What is Qaidah An-nooraniyah:

• An-Nooraniyah is a gateway to Learn Arabic and Tajwīd. Teaches you how to read the Arabic script fluently and articulate the Qur’ān correctly using the foundational rules of Tajwīd.

• An-nooraniyah set your foundation for learning the rules of grammar by mastering the alphabet, and learning how to read any voweled Arabic text. The technique used in An-nooraniyah is based on traditional, time-tested methods of learning how to read and is the best way to learn through practical application and repetition, it enhances the memorization needed to internalise the rules.

• It provides the theoretical background to the rules of reading that draw from advanced books of Tajwīd and Arabic morphology.

• The unique part about it is teaching Arabic Alphabet and tajwīd of the Qur’ān at the same time. it also teaches a number of important Tajwīd rules that other reading books don’t cover. These rules are necessary for reciting the Qur’ān properly, and many of these rules are needed for reading standard Arabic texts.

• It is the absolute best way to teach kids Arabic, if you are Wondering how to teach kids reading arabic texts, An-Nooraniyah is designed specifically for that purpose.

• This method is widely welcomed by kids, and found to be a fun way to learn arabic reading, still, it is also useful for adults as well, covering 95% of Tajweed rules and correcting the articulation points of the letters.

• This method was created by sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqani, born in Punjab, India on the year of 1841, later his work got translated to Arabic by sheikh Mohammad Farouq Ar-Raee.

• The original idea of this teaching method is that
the teacher reads and the students repeat after him,
throughout the book, until perfect pronunciation has been reached. If one cannot find a teacher, the book is recorded and can be found as mp3 or even on YouTube along with lesson pictures.

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